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Find home, business, and auto insurance that works with your particular budget with the help of Northland Insurance Services Agency in
Whitehall, Michigan. Our goal is to guide you through the entire process to ensure you locate the perfect plans for your needs. Contact us today to sign up for home, business, and auto insurance coverage.

Bumper-to-Bumper Coverage
Whether you need personal insurance for your car or commercial insurance for your company's long- and short-haul trucks, we provide you with a low-cost auto insurance plan. Northland Insurance Services Agency covers all types of personal and commercial vehicles with a variety of plans, ranging from full coverage to no-fault insurance options. For your convenience, you can choose your deductible amount.

Better Business Insurance
Protect your company against liability suits with the help of our insurance agents. We specialize in commercial insurance for small and medium-sized businesses. Excellent programs are available for contractors, while specialty plans are provided for clothing and furniture stores, as well as light manufacturing companies.

Life & Health Insurance
At Northland Insurance Services Agency, we work with several companies to provide the best life and health insurance plans. You have your pick from term to universal life, as well as long-term disability and annuities. For health insurance, we offer Medicare supplements, senior products, and individual or group health plans.

Homeowners Insurance
Safeguard your home and the contents inside by turning
to Northland Insurance Services Agency. We offer complete homeowners insurance to protect you against all of life's uncertainties. For your ultimate convenience, your RVs, snowmobiles, or boats can be grouped in your
homeowners policy.

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